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Job obligations:

Maintain hotel/motel in a clean and orderly manner;

smooth visitor room motels, in-room kitchens and dwelling rooms,

conference centers, halls, and all public region areas;

remove, kind, fold, bring and update linens; make beds; top off supplies,

installation visitor room and assembly room furniture, images, and services in line with lodge requirements;

mop, vacuum, extract/shampoo carpets, dust, easy bathrooms, smooth/polish mirrors and home windows, dispose of refuse.


Housekeeper making the bed at a hotel looking happy

The primary duties of a housekeeper are to clean and maintain their designated work area.

This role of an employed housekeeper vary from employer to organization; housekeepers normally work in accommodations,

at a private residence, and assisted residing facilities.

At a large resort, a housekeeper may be predicted to clean several floors’ well worth of rooms;

at a personal house, a housekeeper can be expected to easy a distinctly small vicinity.

Regardless of vicinity, housekeepers may be expected to smooth bathrooms, dirt furniture,

fill up resources of soap and paper merchandise, easy doorways and windows, replace mild bulbs,

exchange and launder mattress sheets and towels, and different activities that make contributions to making sure their assigned regions are smooth and alluring.


Much of a housekeeper’s daily work is self sufficient; housekeepers are given their assigned vicinity and are anticipated to finish their work in a hard and fast amount of time.

Housekeepers should also expect to have their work evaluated on a regular basis and will most likely be held to a cleanliness standard set by their employer.

Housekeepers do not have to be educated, and home tasks positions typically do not have an schooling requirement.

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However, having a high school diploma or GED is frequently encouraged.

It is also encouraged that housekeepers are prepared to endure a little stress.


During an average work day, a housekeeper may lift or move furniture or

appliances, bend/crawl, remain on one’s feet for extended periods of time, and engage in strenuous scrubbing.


Minimum 35 hours in step with week. Open 7 days per week.

Normal shift time: eight:30am- 5:00pm. Hours and shifts can also range with occupancy.

Typical pay for this Job -Salary: $1500-$2400 per month

NOTE THAT : Remember, it is Job + Visa when applying.

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