Stick to this daily – You will Definitely Three lose times your Weight in no time

Stick to this daily – You will Definitely Three times your Weight in no time

You reading this not a problem, carrying out the instructions is what i think might be a little problem, engaging oneself in self discipline is difficult sometimes for most people. What am I trying to say?  Most people will start well and at some point will get tired, its really not encouraging to stop until you attain what you want. tho not all, some will definitely see a positive result before relaxing again. I regard this one as strong ones.


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If you think you can’t do this on your own, please try to see a trained counsellor every week, for 24 weeks in total, to help you stick to the diet and keep the weight off.


  1. A chocolate-flavour skimmed milk and soya protein shake blend (145kcal)

  2. fowl-and-mushroom-flavour skimmed milk and soya protein soup blend (138kcal)

  3. skimmed milk and multi-wholegrain porridge blend (149kcal)

  4. lemon-flavour soya and milk protein bar protected in yoghurt-flavour coating (150kcal)


Note ; you have to stop eating food and ingredients that contain fats, you can’t be dieting and place your self on another fat supplementary list.


Weight Weighing Scale

To know if you are getting a positive result on your weight loss, get a weighing scale and use it to check your weight every month, note your result and see if this works out or not. I can bet, you will laugh seeing how your weight has greatly reduce

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