Pharmacist Needed

Position : Pharmacist – LagosDuties:

  • Prepare and administer appropriate pharmaceuticals to patients
  • Execute a physician’s order or by addressing the patient’s problems and needs
  • Assist people and provide them with information and solutions.
  • Interpret symptoms so that the patient can either be given immediate treatment for a trifling condition or to be referred to the suitable doctor
  • Ensure effective medication use
  • Execute physician’s prescriptions checking their appropriateness and legality
  • Organize the pharmacy in an efficient manner to make the identification of products easier and faster
  • Maintain full control over delivering, stocking and labeling medicine and other products and monitor their condition to prevent expiring
  • Listen carefully to customers to interpret their needs and issues and offer information
  • Advice Provide assistance other medical services such as injections, blood pressure/ temperature measurements etc
  • Prepare medicine when appropriate using correct dosages and material for each individual patient
  • Keep records of patient history and of all activities regarding heavy medication
  • Keep abreast of advancements in medicine by attending conferences and seminars
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals Comply with all applicable legal rules, regulations and procedures
Required profile for job ad : Pharmacist – Lagos

  • Proven experience as a pharmacist thorough understanding of dosage administration and measurement
  • Outstanding knowledge of MS Office and Pharmacy information systems
  • Good organizing skills
  • Excellent communication skills with a customer oriented approach
  • Integrity and compassion
  • Degree in Pharmacy/Pharmacology


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