Missing Of Money “Liberian Version”

Missing Of Money “Liberian Version”

The sum of more than $100m-worth (£76m) of newly printed bank notes intended for Central bank was found missing in Liberia, the incident happen at the Country main point and airport wen the new notes was imported for distribution,accounts of 5% of the Country GDP.

The thousands of people was gathered to protest against the missing Money in Liberia Capital, Monrovia. Therefore the Liberian Governments has banned 15 people including the son of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from moving out of the Country during the investigation.

The government has asked the IMF and the FBI to assist with the investigation. But according to President George Weah in a statement, the role of those international partners will be to advise the government on transparency. Citizens say this does not go far enough, and are instead calling for the those organisations to be directly involved in the probe.

The Protests are hoping that their message has been puts into Consideration.

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