It’s Easy To Say Some Churches In African Is Part Of Corruption

It’s Easy To Say Some Churches In African Is Part Of Corruption


A reggae melody by Max Romeo, ‘Taking for the sake of the Lord’ is simply yet the correct impression of the

present circumstance in our houses of worship if the present pattern is anything to pass by.

Only an inquiry. In the course of the most recent two decades, what is the most prominent thing the religious foundation has done in the mission to propel social equity in Kenya?


Degenerate legislators go to chapel to look for “favors” in this way giving offertory.

They are constantly applauded for their immense commitment.

This has contrarily marked the picture of chapel and different religious bodies.



Contaminating and sodomizing young men and young ladies has turned into another normal event in our chapels.

A genuine model is that of a Sunday teacher at Kasarani PCEA who was captured for purportedly sodomizing 9 young men.

Ministers are called to talk facing glorification of riches yet in Kenya they move and kiss ass for blood cash.


Seemingly, numerous Kenyans were conceived devotees however the present church dramatizations have devastated their accept.

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As indicated by a few, there’s is no expectation in the houses of worship like it was previously.

Holy places have now turned out to be criminal undertakings , most are really recorded as constrained obligation organizations.



I personally wish the Church would remain a place of solace where the weak find strength, the rejected are welcomed, where people find peace but we have turned our pulpit to battleground for 2022 no wonder people are killing others through anger in our country.



Karl Max once said,

avoid the religion like the last plague. Religion is meant to stop you from thinking.

Someone manipulates your mind through unnecessary quotes from the Bible which they don’t believe in.

Indeed, the religion is the opium of the mass.”


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