Doctor Told Mother Of Quadruplets To Choose Two To Live, Two To Die From Her Quadruplets..

Doctor Told Mother Of Quadruplets To Choose Two To Live, Two To Die From Her Quadruplets.

Kendall MacDonald, 27, is from Timaru in New Zealand, she is married to Josh. Kendall and Josh

already have  a three-year-old son named Brooklyn.

Kendall MacDonald told her story when she was pregnant again for Josh after three-year-old son,

She said “I was 12 weeks pregnant and it was suggested for the sake of my health and my babies’

health that I reduce my pregnancy by one set of twins”.


Its been three years and have been trying to conceive again for my husband because desperately

wanted a sibling for our boy and had started trying two months after Brooklyn was born.

Giving birth to Brooklyn came as a surprise because i suffered from  polycystic ovary syndrome

(PCOS) and endometriosis which made it difficult for me to conceive as I wasn’t ovulating regularly.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries may develop numerous small collections of fluid (follicles) and fail to regularly release eggs.

After giving birth to Brooklyn, I  also suffered from toxic shock syndrome following the birth of my

first child when part of the placenta was left in my body.

It left me with scarring on my uterus, which doctors told me would make it difficult for me to fall

pregnant as well as carry a baby to term.

Over the period, I was trying to get pregnant which i eventually did but there would also be a

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I seek help to get pregnant and i got to know about a drug called CLOMIFENE.

‘Clomifene, also known as clomiphene, is a medication used to treat infertility in women who do not

ovulate’, she explained.

After the first round of treatment, I hadn’t ovulated and the dose was increased in the second

month, after that I got pregnant.

According to the past positive result gotten from using CLOMIFENE, ‘It usually doesn’t happen that

fast for people but obviously, that increased in dosage created a lot of eggs.


When I had my early scan, the heartbeat confirmed just one child, at the day of my nine-week scan,

another heartbeat reveal the presence of another. Then a third scan on that same day revealed

heartbeats of two more.


It was a huge shock, We’d gone from one baby, to two, then three and now four, It was very bizarre

and we couldn’t understand how these babies just kept multiplying. And we were almost in

skepticism because multiples of anything don’t run in either of our families so I never expected

something like to happen.

I was still having mixed feelings about the whole situation, I was 12 weeks gone and i was told I

would likely need to make a heartbreaking choice

I was 12 weeks pregnant and I cautioned for the sake of my health and my infants’ health that I

should reduce my being pregnant by one set twins.

We were given two weeks to make this decision, during the period, I and my husband decided to seek

advice from other two obstetrician specialists.

One said we should go ahead and the other specialist said she wasn’t so sure, she only said if you are

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having no complication or issues and want to go ahead given birth to the four, then why don’t you?


That day the we went home with the advice that if I  could make it to 28 weeks without going into

labour, the quads would be in with a fighting chance. I was told that if I went into labour before 28

weeks, the babies wouldn’t survive. So we decided to reach 25 weeks first, If there is no problem,

then I can proceed  with an ultimate goal of reaching the 28 weeks.



This would mean that we would need to spend the next three months hoping that the babies

continued to grow and that nothing should go wrong. ‘We were told not to buy any baby items or get

ahead of ourselves because there were just so many risks.

When it was 28 weeks, I went into labour, which took  three whole days, I was in denial I was even

going into labour at first. I remember seeing my stomach tense and contract and then instead of a

big bump, I saw the outline of four babies.

‘After a few seconds, my stomach returned to normal. A minute later the same thing happened



Once doctors confirmed I was in labour, I was taken straight to the theatre where I had a Cesarean

section to deliver my babies.

With help of surgeons I first delivered Quinn and Indie. Next was my son, Hudson. Then my daughter

Molly followed.

Because I gave birth to them so early, they had to spend time in NICU connected to breathing tubes

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because they weren’t able to breathe on their own.

After the time they were supposed to be discharged and go home with me, Baby Molly would need

to spend a further two weeks in the hospital because she wasn’t feeding well. Her twin Hudson

would stay with her to keep her company.



At the complete weeks, with all my children finally at home, I ‘felt like a mum of five’. All

this time, I’d been so terrified of losing my precious babies I hadn’t allowed myself to get excited.

I told a photograher Cassandra English to make the event even more memorable with a photoshoot.



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