Doctor Told Mother Of Quadruplets To Choose Two To Live, Two To Die From Her Quadruplets..

Doctor Told Mother Of Quadruplets To Choose Two To Live, Two To Die From Her Quadruplets. Kendall MacDonald, 27, is from Timaru in New Zealand, she is married to Josh. Kendall and Josh already have  a three-year-old son named Brooklyn. Kendall MacDonald told her story when she was pregnant again for Josh after three-year-old son, […]

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Worldwide C-Section Births Rapidly On The Rise, Experts Call For Reduction

    New research shows that in just 15 years, the worldwide rate of c-section births has nearly doubled. Experts are concerned over these rapidly increasing rates, and are calling for the reduction of unnecessary c-section births that could potentially harm both the mother and the baby. What are the risks associated with c-section births? […]


Health: Nearly 800 dietary supplements contained unapproved drug ingredients, study finds

  Nearly 800 dietary supplements sold over the counter from 2007 through 2016 contained unapproved drug ingredients, a new analysis of US Food and Drug Administration data found. More than one unapproved pharmaceutical ingredient was found in 20% of those supplements, the study published Friday in JAMA Network Open showed. The presence of prescription medicines, often at […]


Health: Brain-eating amoeba confirmed in New Jersey man’s death

  A New Jersey man who died of a brain-eating infection called primary amebic meningoencephalitis was exposed while visiting the BSR Cable Park and Surf Resort in Waco, Texas, during the summer, the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District said Friday. Water samples taken by local, state and federal health officials at the beginning of the […]

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Health: Diet, weight loss and sex supplements are tainted with unapproved drugs

  Scientists discovered unapproved and some of the time hazardous medications in 746 dietary enhancements, every one of them advertised for sexual upgrade, weight reduction or muscle development, another investigation distributed Friday appears. The audit of a Food and Drug Administration database of tainted enhancements for the years 2007 to 2016 most ordinarily turned up […]