Bride And Groom Both Wore Rolls Of Dollars And Naira On Their Necks

Bride And Groom Both Wore Rolls Of Dollars And Naira On Their Necks.




A move by a lady of the hour and husband to be at a Nigerian customary wedding has raised bunches of

eyebrows because of the decision of gems the couple shook to their gathering.

The couple utilized cash as an embellishment.

In a photograph shared via web-based networking media, the lady of the hour and lucky man were spotted shaking moves of money in naira and dollars on their necks like chains.

In spite of the fact that this may appear to be abnormal or inefficient, it could have been a thought of fun among

companions of the couple to wear it on them at the scene, it could likewise be a custom or notwithstanding something

couple chose to do without anyone else, there are such a significant number of potential things that could have prompted the money chain.

Be that as it may, the photograph grabbed the eye of a Nigerian who communicated dismay by their presentation of riches.

The Nigerian man Seyi Asolo, who is a music serve, had shared the photograph on his Instagram page with a long

note communicating his sentiment. Asolo noticed that it is a disgrace to observe what the couple did with the cash.

As indicated by him, Nigeria is where many rest without nourishment and millions can’t manage the cost of multi day

of three square dinners, however individuals still show riches along these lines.

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WHAT A SHAME What a shame and madness This can only happen in a shit hole. It has been ON and ON without caution We have lost it all No identity as a nation No integrity as a people No respect for Constitution In a nation where many go to sleep without food. Where millions couldn't afford a day three square meals. You engaged in a show of wealth Using our currency, our symbol as a neck lace. Splashes and matching on money at parties. The rich are only calling for revolution The poor will make your life miserable with violence They are desperate because they have been frustrated By your lifestyle which has shown clearly the dispaity between you and them. The time of revolution is near. The spate of insecurity is a sign Your actions speak faster and louder for it Seyi Asolo #SYOU🎙️ #IRELOJASI✔️

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