Ballon d’Or 2019: Forecasting the Likely Candidates for Football’s Top Individual Prize


Ballon d’Or 2019: Forecasting the Likely Candidates for Football’s Top Individual Prize

​There are several staggering gifts in world football, yet there can be just a single victor of a definitive individual prize: the Ballon d’Or.

Luka Modric brought home the honor in 2018 in the wake of featuring for both Real Madrid and Croatia, and the possible champ of the current year’s trophy will require a comparable exertion.

Here are 15 players who could bring home the honor, and what they have to accomplish for the rest of 2019 to make it their own.

Lionel Messi

Why He Might Win: He’s ​Lionel Messi.

What He Needs to Do to Win: Keep doing what he is doing. Winning the Copa America with Argentina this late spring (and hence finishing his universal trophy dry season) would be huge. Some show-taking exhibitions in next season’s ​Champions League , over proceeding with his rankling ​La Lig a structure, could wrap this honor up.

What Could Stop Him Winning:​ Outside of La Liga, Barcelona have not been world-blenders. The 4-0 battering on account of ​Liverpool, in which Messi was frail to spare his group, will harm his notoriety, and inability to win the Copa del Rey won’t help either.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Why He Might Win:​ Do I at any point need to clarify this one? Like Messi, ​Ronaldo is a superhuman ability, and his five Ballon d’Or grants demonstrate he is sufficient to win this trophy. Raging to a ​Serie A title with ​Juventus will dependably help.

What He Needs to Do to Win: If he can keep on scoring objectives, Ronaldo will be up there when the last standings are declared. He needs to continue commanding in Italy, and achievement in the UEFA Nations League with Portugal this mid year would likewise be an immense assistance.

What Could Stop Him Winning: Basically, in the event that he doesn’t do any of the abovementioned. An unfortunate display with Portugal would not go down well among fans, while he will likewise require a superior keep running in next season’s Champions League gathering stage. He oversaw one objective and one red card at that phase in 2018, and that won’t cut it.

Raheem Sterling

Why He Might Win: ​​Sterling is one of the top entertainers on a standout amongst Europe’s best sides. He terminated ​Manchester City to the ​Premier League title, and he is relied upon to proceed with that structure for the rest of 2019.

What He Needs to Do to Win: If Sterling can direct England to Nations League wonder, he would demonstrate that he can win things without his City partners. Outside of that, keeping up his rate of objectives and aids both the Premier League and the Champions League would make him an extreme contender to ignore for the waitlist in any event.

What Could Stop Him Winning: City may have won the treble this season, yet they flopped in the Champions League, and the absence of that specific trophy will neutralize Sterling in the last casting a ballot. He is additionally maybe less esteemed outside of England than he is in it.

Kylian Mbappe

Why He Might Win:​ He came fourth in 2018, and he has been a superior player this season than he was last time around. ​Mbappe is absolutely prevailing in Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain, and his rate of goalscoring is up there with the best on the planet.

What He Needs to Do to Win: Continue that electric local structure, and demonstrate that PSG could be a real risk in the Champions League. Whoever the group is drawn against, Mbappe needs objectives and top exhibitions. In addition, a blockbuster exchange to somebody like ​Real Madrid would absolutely upgrade his effectively enormous notoriety.

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What Could Stop Him Winning: Les Parisiens unhinged against ​Manchester United in the last 16 in Europe, and an early exit from the Champions League isn’t what voters are searching for. Being in Ligue 1 and not being engaged with any significant universal competition this year isn’t useful.

Virgil van Dijk

Why He Might Win:​ Van Dijk has been a main impetus behind ​Liverpool’s development as one of Europe’s top sides this season. Strength in both the Premier League and the Champions League is dependably a formula for individual achievement.

What He Needs to Do to Win: Bringing home the Champions League would be a tremendous push the correct way, and doing likewise with the Netherlands in the Nations League would be another case of the inside back’s predominance.

What Could Stop Him Winning: Ultimately, Van Dijk could end 2019 without a solitary trophy. The Premier League has just been lost, while he could finish up on the losing side in both up and coming European competitions. That is not the record of a Ballon d’Or champ. What’s more, just two different protectors have ever won the Ballon d’Or among an ocean of assailants. Those two were Franz Beckenbauer (1972 and 1976) and Fabio Cannavaro (2006).

Eden Hazard

Why He Might Win:​ ​Eden Hazard is great, it’s as basic as that. He has added a lot of objectives to his game as of late which, when added to his incredibly great spilling abilities, makes him a standout amongst the most startling assailants in world football.

What He Needs to Do to Win: It has regularly been said that Hazard expected to move to Spain to be in the discussion for the Ballon d’Or, and it would appear that he will find the opportunity to demonstrate that hypothesis this mid year. Before he goes, lifting the Europa League with ​Chelsea is an unquestionable requirement, however hauling Real Madrid (expecting he signs) back on top in La Liga would win him real applauses.

What Could Stop Him Winning: If things don’t go to get ready for Hazard in the following couple of months, he absolutely won’t win. ​Thibaut Courtois attempted to perform subsequent to making the move to Real, and the equivalent could happen to Hazard. Moreover, his absence of contribution at the business end of the Premier League and Champions League are two dark detriments for his name that might be disregarded with some thrilling showcases in the last 50% of the year.

Harry Kane

Why He Might Win:​ As a standout amongst Europe’s most productive goalscorers, ​Kane has all the expected ability to bring home the Ballon d’Or. He scores an insane measure of objectives in one of Europe’s top associations.

What He Needs to Do to Win: If Kane wins the Champions League with ​Tottenham Hotspur, his case for winning the Ballon d’Or ends up far more grounded. The equivalent goes for the Nations League with England, so there are a lot of chances for Kane to set up his strength.

What Could Stop Him Winning: Ending 2019 without any trophies would make it practically unthinkable for Kane to win. Scoring objectives is fine and dandy, however not having the option to lead either your club or nation to flatware will dependably leave voters needing more.

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Why He Might Win: ​Neymar is another ability who has been prevailing for his club, scoring a great many goals to guarantee PSG’s reign of brilliance in France proceeds.

What He Needs to Do to Win: Copa America accomplishment with Brazil this mid year would bond his place as one of South America’s best. He is likewise prone to hit 100 tops for the Seleção this year and jump Ronaldo into second spot on the nation’s unsurpassed top scorers list. Be that as it may, there is something else entirely to winning the Ballon d’Or than that. Amazing showings in both Ligue 1 (or maybe somewhere else) and the Champions League are a need.

What Could Stop Him Winning: For all their strength in France, PSG were not exactly noteworthy in Europe this year, and that positively needs to change in the last 50% of 2019. He additionally needs to beat niggling damage issues that kept him out of his side’s run in 2018/19.

Mohamed Salah

Why He Might Win:​ ​Salah completed as the Premier League’s top scorer this season (his second progressive Golden Boot), which makes him remain as out as one of Europe’s best. His Liverpool side have been remarkable in the main portion of 2019.

What He Needs to Do to Win: The Egyptian gets the opportunity to lift Europe’s most esteemed competition and adding the Champions League to his trophy bureau (just as proceeding with his structure next season) will make him a top alternative. There is additionally the Africa Cup of Nations this mid year to help support his case.

What Could Stop Him Winning: Failing to win any trophy would hurt his contention extensively. There is additionally the way that he really had a superior year in 2018.

Matthijs de Ligt

Why He Might Win:​ Leading Ajax through a standout amongst the most helpful keeps running in late Champions League history, De Ligt demonstrated precisely why he is so exceptionally appraised. He likewise cleared up the local trophies with Ajax.

What He Needs to Do to Win: Truthfully, with such a large number of different applicants swaggering their stuff in top associations, De Ligt likely needs to leave Ajax this late spring. A change to Barcelona would be the ideal possibility for him, and a progression of top exhibitions would support his stock ascent. There is likewise the Nations League in Portugal this mid year, where De Ligt can leave more mouths agape.

What Could Stop Him Winning: For all the fervor encompassing Ajax, they didn’t figure out how to achieve the Champions League last. On the off chance that he doesn’t leave Ajax, he would take on a tough conflict to demonstrate he is the world’s ideal, and that would almost certainly be an inconceivable undertaking. Like his universal partner Van Dijk, his chances are longer as a safeguard.

Sadio Mane

Why He Might Win:​ ​Mane has regularly been Liverpool’s most significant player in assault, scoring a lot of fundamental objectives to enable his side to vie for both the Premier League and Champions League.

What He Needs to Do to Win: A top execution in the up and coming container last against Spurs would demonstrate Mane’s status as one of the world’s best advances. Keeping up a comparative dimension for the rest of the year won’t be simple, yet Mane has the ability to do as such. Senegal accomplishment at AFCON will just assistance him.

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What Could Stop Him Winning: Just like the remainder of his Liverpool colleagues, Mane could be left pondering what could have been if the Reds can’t bring home the Champions League trophy. A plunge in structure at any phase of 2019 could be disastrous to his odds of individual greatness.

Jadon Sancho

Why He Might Win: With ​Borussia Dortmund, Sancho has demonstrated just why many view him as a future superstar. He might even already be there, having terrorised ​Bundesliga defences for fun in recent months.

What He Needs to Do to Win: To have any chance of winning, Sancho needs to take his talents to the global stage. A triumphant Nations League campaign.

Fabio Quagliarella

Why He Might Win:​ If I told you that the Ballon d’Or winner had outscored Cristiano Ronaldo and dominated in his domestic league, you would not be surprised at all. That is exactly what Fabio Quagliarella managed in Serie A.

What He Needs to Do to Win: With Sampdoria not competing in the Champions League, Quagliarella’s odds of winning the trophy are certainly slim. But, if the 36-year-old can continue defying the odds and outscoring some of the world’s finest, who knows what could happen.

What Could Stop Him Winning: Quagliarella is hardly a household name and, given he will not compete in Europe, it would take an astronomical effort to change that. If all he can bring is goals, that won’t do it for many voters. He may well claim the Puskas Award, however.

Son Heung-min

Why He Might Win: ​Son has been flirting with superstardom for years, and looks to be nearing that next step. He was in sensational form for Spurs, and captured the hearts of many with his stunning showings against Manchester City in the Champions League.

What He Needs to Do to Win: Silverware, silverware, silverware. Son has the chance to win the Champions League, which inevitably leads to an increased reputation. If he follows that up with some more impressive showings, he will force his way into the standings.

What Could Stop Him Winning: Spurs weren’t part of the Premier League title race, and a similar team performance next season would hamper his chances of winning, regardless of whether he lifts the Champions League.

Robert Lewandowski

Why He Might Win:​ As one of Europe’s elite strikers, it’s not hard to see how Lewandowski could take home the ultimate individual prize. He fired ​Bayern Munich to the Bundesliga title, and will be looking for that form to carry over into next season.

What He Needs to Do to Win: Goals will be the key for Lewandowski. Leading the Bundesliga’s scoring charts again would be hugely impressive, and an electric start to next season, both in Germany and in Europe, could earn his place on the shortlist.

What Could Stop Him Winning: Crashing out of the Champions League in the round of 16 is not Ballon d’Or material, and if Bayern endure another lacklustre start to the season, just as they did this year, then his wait for the award may go on.

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